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Legal provisions and personal right:

Legal provisions and personal right

Terms and conditions

This website operates by company (NS-Siam United Steel Co., Ltd). Using this website is considered that you agree to follow the terms and conditions and various announcements specified in the website.

Use of data on this website

The company is the sole owner with the right in all the data appearing on this website in any forms. All the data are protected by the law. You can access, copy, download or print the data on this website for personal use and for use with no commercial benefit provided that you do not revise or delete the symbol or mark showing ownership appearing on the data that you access, copy, download or print. Moreover, do not use the data on this website in any way that competes with the company.

You agree to not interfere or try to interfere the operation of the website by any means. The company reserves the right to stop your use in any period of time whether in all or in part, without prior notice. Stop of use is not considered relinquish of any rights or measures that the company has according to the law.

The data on this website is only general data for reference. The data on this website might be incorrect, incomplete or inconsistent with the current facts. No action should be taken by using the data found on this website alone. The company can update, revise the data found on this website at all times by the sole discretion of the company.

Trademark and copyright

The company is the owner of the data and copyright, trademark, symbol, service mark and tradename whether registered or not, found on this website and other components in every page of the website. The company does not allow or allow use of such data, copyright, trademark, symbol, service mark and tradename without written consent from NS-SUS or as specified in this website.

Data that you provided in the website

You represents and guaranties that you are the owner and have the right in the data that you have provided and those data are correct, appropriate, legal and not violates any use specification on this website and will not cause damage to anyone and you will remedy any damage that the company has received from use of the data that you provided.

You must not upload or circulate the data which are secret, proprietary, false, deceiving, insulting, slanderous, obscene, threatening, violating personal right or intellectual right or illegal data in any way or data that might contain virus or political propaganda, chain mails or spam mail. Moreover, do you not email or data indicating false identity, identity fraud or to cause misunderstanding of the source of the data. Do not upload in a way that seeks commercial benefit in this website.

The company will use all the personal data that you provide in this website according to privacy policy of this website.

Action on website

Use of some part in the website might require registering or use password. The company can deny your registration or cancel membership and your account or prohibit anyone from using this website.

Connecting to other websites

This website might have hypertext connecting to other website for convenience only which there is no relationship with any companies. You should verify the use and be careful when using such website.

Connecting from other websites to this website

If you want to link your website to this website, link to www.ns-sus.com by requesting the consent from the company only.


In using the website or the fact that you download data and any components from the website, such data and components might not be complete, sufficient, up-to-date, suitable, reliable and free of virus, Computer Worm, Trojan Horse, Spyware or Malware or the website is safe or access to this website might be interrupted, incorrect, delayed, incomplete or cannot access the system or the data in this website. You agree to the receive the risk in the loss, damage, expense from the computer system or communication device or any tools and equipment used for accessing this website and the loss of data and indirect damage that is the result of using the website or download data and components of the website.

Limitation of liability

In case there is any damage including loss, damage or expense directly or indirectly or as a result of the data that you provide in the website, from accessing the website or the website linked to this website, the fact that anyone cannot access the website or the fact that a third party hack into the system of the website, or from failure in operation, mistake, omission, stopping, flaw, defect, computer virus even though the company might be notified that there might be such loss, damage or expense, you agree to the risk in using this website.


Not using the right and/or allowing to use the any part of the right of the company does not mean that the company gives up the right according to such agreement or condition. The company reserves the right to continue exercising such right.



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